KGC Publications

KGC Publications

The Club Diary is the go to publication for competition listings, county and team events along with the contact details of all your fellow members.

The Welcome Pack is designed to help new members get the most out of the golf club membership.

Click one of the publications below to view an online version. Printed versions are available from the Pro shop.

Installing and Using the Club V1 Members App

Installing and Using the Club V1 Members App

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Kingsthorpe Golf Club Members’ Hub

The Kingsthorpe Golf Club Members’ Hub will allow you to do the following:

  • Book competitions online
  • Touch-screen score entry
  • Live leaderboard in the bar
  • Check course status
  • Read latest club news
  • See competition results
  • View club diary and latest events
  • Contact fellow members
  • View account balance
  • View transaction history
  • Track your golfing stats
  • View important club documents

How to access the Members’ Hub

You can access the hub by downloading and installing the Club V1 Systems dedicated app which is available for both Apple and Android devices.

Android devices
Visit the Google Play Store and search for ClubV1 Members Hub, or click the icon below:

Apple iOS devices
Visit the App Store and search for ClubV1 Members Hub, or click the icon below:

Installation and Usage Guidelines

IMPORTANT: In order for the app to link you to all the features available, you must follow the instructions below ensuring that you use the same email address as the one the club has on record for you.

Once you have the ClubV1 Members Hub app installed and running, you should see KINGSTHORPE GOLF CLUB under the Matched Clubs section. Touch the KGC logo and then select the first line of your address, and touch Continue to proceed.

At this stage, if you already have an account with HowDidiDo (using the same email address), you can access the hub by touching the KGC logo shown on the screen. If you have not previously registered with HowDidiDo, you will need to register an account with them using the same email address as previously. ​

If you have problems logging in, or wish the club to update your registered email address, please email

IMPORTANT: Please read through the Terms and Conditions for the Member’s Hub App and HowDidiDo website before signing up.

Reciprocal Golf Clubs and Groups

Reciprocal Golf Clubs and Groups

Reciprocal Golf Clubs and Groups

Kingsthorpe GC is a member of a number of country-wide associations which give our members the opportunity to benefit from many reciprocal and advantageous arrangements. These often offer complimentary golf for our members, a major benefit of being a full time member of Kingsthorpe.


1908 Club is a grouping of clubs formed in the same year as Kingsthorpe. There are 37 clubs in the association including Leamington Spa,


Smart Golfer Network was formed in 2008 and this exclusive network of over 30 clubs provide beneficial access to our members. Most clubs are in our general vicinity.


The County Card is only available to members of affiliated members of the NGU and entitle members to benefit from reduced green fees at over 1100 clubs in 30 counties.

These associations give additional advantages to being a member of Kingsthorpe Golf Club