World Handicap System

Launch date November 2nd 2020

What is the World Handicap System (WHS)?

The new World Handicap System (WHS) is designed to be more inclusive, accessible and to make golf easier to understand for all.

The WHS incorporates the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System, (a consistent method to calculate a golf courses difficulty), to successfully determine a golfer’s Handicap Index.

The all new WHS 2020 comes into operation on 2nd November this year. There are many changes, and all of these will be explained to you in forthcoming “Seminar Evenings”, at our Club, when we are allowed to congregate.
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All Club handicaps will now start with an assessment of your last 20 games, played in an official Club competition, from the whole 2019 season up to and including, what is left of this season. The best 8 of the 20 scores submitted will be selected and the average of these best 8 will form the start point, which is called your Handicap Index.

Other factors then come into play, but the submitted qualifying scores are the most important starting point for all players.

The 8 chosen cards are designed to reflect the true average playing ability of each of us, and these scores can be made up of multiples or 9 or 18 holes. The importance of Qualifying scores becomes evident when the following parameters are observed.

If you only have 6 cards submitted, then the calculated Handicap Index will be the average of the lowest 2 scores, with a figure of Minus 1 adjusted to the average.

For 5 cards, the lowest score is taken.

For 4 cards the lowest score is taken with a further Minus 1 adjustment.

For 3 cards, lowest 1 score, together with a Minus 2 adjustment.

England Golf will have the sole responsibility for calculating this part of your new handicap, together with other adjustments which will become apparent in due course.

To properly reflect your average playing ability, and not to have an any adjustments which will not properly reflect that ability, you are urged to input as many Qualifying cards in Club Competitions as possible.

Keep an eye out for information released by the Competitions and Handicap Committee across all platforms over the coming weeks!