World Handicap System (WHS)

World Handicap System (WHS)

World Handicap System

Launch date November 2nd 2020

The all new WHS 2020 comes into operation on 2nd November this year. There are many changes, and all of these will be explained to you in forthcoming “Seminar Evenings”, at our Club, when we are allowed to congregate, via the TV screen in the bar, social media, our new website, emails and our Facebook page.

What is the WHS?

What is the World Handicap System (WHS)?

Developed by The R&A and USGA in collaboration with existing handicap authorities, the benefit of the WHS over the current system is it combines the Rules of Handicapping and the Course Rating System.

• Attract more players to the game
• Making handicapping easier to understand
• Give all golfers a Handicap Index that can be transferrable from club to club

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Why has the WHS been created?

Why has the WHS been created?

To allow as many golfers as possible the opportunity to:

• Obtain and maintain a Handicap Index and reduce barriers of entry
• Use their Handicap Index on any golf course around the world
• Compete, or play recreationally, fairly regardless of where they play

With golf being centered around one standard set of rules governed by The R&A and USGA, it makes sense to unify the previous six different Handicapping systems, making for a more inclusive and equitable sport.

The WHS was therefore developed with consideration given to club golfers who play both sporadically and more regularly.

With all golfers only initially required to submit scorecards for 54 holes to acquire a Handicap Index, the new WHS is less formidable for new players.

What do I need to do?

All Club handicaps will now start with an assessment of your last 20 games, played in an official Club competition, from the whole 2019 season up to and including, what is left of this season. The best 8 of the 20 scores submitted will be selected and the average of these best 8 will form the start point, which is called your Handicap Index.

Other factors then come into play, but the submitted qualifying scores are the most important starting point for all players.

The 8 chosen cards are designed to reflect the true average playing ability of each of us, and these scores can be made up of multiples or 9 or 18 holes. The importance of Qualifying scores becomes evident when the following parameters are observed.

If you only have 6 cards submitted, then the calculated Handicap Index will be the average of the lowest 2 scores, with a figure of Minus 1 adjusted to the average.

For 5 cards, the lowest score is taken.

For 4 cards the lowest score is taken with a further Minus 1 adjustment.

For 3 cards, lowest 1 score, together with a Minus 2 adjustment.

England Golf will have the sole responsibility for calculating this part of your new handicap, together with other adjustments which will become apparent in due course.

To properly reflect your average playing ability, and not to have an any adjustments which will not properly reflect that ability, you are urged to input as many Qualifying cards in Club Competitions as possible.

Keep an eye out for information released by the Competitions and Handicap Committee across all platforms over the coming weeks!

Golf Simulator Northampton

Golf Simulator Northampton

Golf Simulator Northampton

The indoor golf simulator studio can be used for golf lessons, custom fitting, practice sessions and COMING SOON you will be able to take on your mates at some of the top courses in the world!

Don’t let any inclement weather stop your game improvements! For more information please email David Poolton on

Book Online!

David Poolton’s online diary is now live and the Studio is available everyday between the hours of 8.00am-3.00pm for practice sessions and simulator play.

David will be available to coach most evenings from 3.00pm until late and selected times during the day – please check availability on the diary below.

To book your lesson now, click the link below. You will need to set up a profile to be able to book lessons/ practice sessions or simulator use.

Golf Swing Studio ready for action
Artificial grass in golf swing studio
Golf simulator screen

Golf Club House Functions

Golf Club House Functions Northampton

Our central position in Northampton makes us the perfect venue for functions

The club house was designed and built in 2004 and combines excellent changing facilities, showers and lockers for both men and lady members. All facilities are open to individual visitors, corporate and societies groups.

On the first floor is our bar, restaurant and hospitality area. This is available for private functions and is in regular use for club events. We can cater for in excess of 80 people for a formal, sit down event and even larger parties with buffet catering.

We also have a balcony that over looks the 18th green. A popular location in the summer for a beer or relaxing drink prior to dinner.


Call 01604 711173 and ask to speak to Nicky to arrange your function.

A set of golf clubs
Golf Presentation Day Table
Happy members at presentation night
A sunny balcony overlooking the 18th green
Father Christmas
A busy clubhouse on Valentine's Evening

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