Thanks to David Poolton for donning the nuclear fallout gear and sorting the cards this week.
Needless to say, the way of scoring cards at the moment produced some amusing moments on the first tee!
It was great to get back to competitive golf and it was an excellent turnout for the Charity Shield (brought forward from October).
Countback was needed to separate the winners – and that came down to just 1pt difference on the back 9!
Well done to Tim and the returning Leroy – that’s the way to start!
Sums still being worked on but just the winning pair will get money added to their cards, the club charities from Philip Summers and Lori Lorraine Summers get the rest.
Next week the first dreaded medal of the season!
1st Tim Smeathers and Leroy Herbert 46 points (24 back 9)
2nd Lee O’connor and Mark Spence 46 points (23 back 9)
3rd Jason Withrington and Harry Withrington 44 points
4th Tom Piercey and Adam Malin 43 points (25 back 9)
5th Wayne Wright and James Keeler 43 points (24 back 9)