General Play & Competition Rounds

Launch date November 2nd 2020

The all new WHS 2020 comes into operation on 2nd November this year. There are many changes, and all of these will be explained via information sent to us by England Golf via TV screen in the bar, social media, our new website, emails and our Facebook page.

General Play and Competition Rounds

How to submit a score?

After the completion of a competition round, a player has to submit their scorecard as soon as possible in order for their Handicap Index to be updated. Preferably, scores should be posted at the venue being played and on the same day, as this will be when a player’s Handicap Index will be updated.

Posting of scores is possible by players utilising the technology available at their golf club.


How to verify a score?

In order to verify a score and for it to count towards a players WHS, it must be played:

• In accordance with The Rules of Golf

• In an authorised format of play

• Over a minimum number of 10 holes

• With at least one other person

• On a course with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating


How your score counts towards the WHS?

Acceptable formats of play for submitting a score towards a player’s Handicap Index include:

• Pre-registered general play ‘social’ scores

• All individual competition rounds, both 9 and 18 holes, whether played at home or away


Non-Acceptable formats of play for submitting a score towards a player’s Handicap Index include:

• Scores from fourball better ball

• Other matchplay events

For golfers playing in recreational rounds with friends, either in teams or pairs, even when there is no intention of submitting a score for handicap purposes, they will need to calculate their Course Handicap prior to their round.